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Our successful teaching method

When you sign up for dance lessons with us, you will learn through our three (3) way method of teaching in an individually tailored schedule:

•  Private instruction: You'll have a 50-minute session with one-on-one instruction for quick, personalized training.

•  Group classes: 50-minute classes with other teachers and students will help you learn how to interact with different partners.

•  Practice sessions: Enjoy parties every Friday and planned evenings out on the town, where you can learn with other students while enjoying refreshments. It's the fastest, most economical, and the most fun way to learn.

Learn social dancing for a lifetime of fun

All programs, plans, and lessons are guaranteed

Even if you're just looking to dance for a wedding or for a cruise, we believe dance is a lifelong gift. We want to help you dance in a fun environment.

You'll be matched with the right instructor for your individual needs. Additionally, we'll help you plan your goals and help you meet them. National Dance Clubs' programs, plans, and lessons are guaranteed. Come learn from Middle Tennessee's friendliest, happiest ballroom and social dancing studio.

Introductory package is $35.


Call for more information on how our studio works:


Because you want to learn to dance, not just do steps

National Dance Clubs, provides both instruction and practice times. Our dance programs are personalized to your needs. We want you to learn quickly and enjoy the amenities.

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