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July 13, 2017

Student Comment of the Week; Meet Scott Gross

“I am encouraged by Scott’s knowledge of knee action. Feel like he can guide me through “dance recovery. His caring nature was just what I needed.” -S.B.  
July 5, 2017

Student Comment of the Week; Meet Vincent Ballard

“Great lesson. I feel comfortable with the 3/8 turn in waltz and think I am going to really like the hustle. Thank you for your counseling and guidance.? You are the best!”  – J.C.  
June 21, 2017

Student Comment of the Week; Meet Chelsea Knutson

“This lesson, as all of the others, are beyond words. You are making me a better leader. Many thanks for the escape from the troubles of my life.” -P.O.             
April 25, 2017

Student Comment of the Week: Meet Riley Wingate

“What a fun lesson and what a work out! The muscle memory is starting to take hold! Riley makes us so comfortable and is very engaging and patient; he’s stuck with us for another year! We graduated to Bronze!!” -B+K T.     **Photo credits to Donna Duda and Caroline Rutland