What We Offer & How We Teach

At National Dance Clubs we teach in a simple & proven 3-way system of learning.

Private lessons, Group Classes, and Parties.
This system has been around for over 50 years and has taught tens of 1000's of people how to dance.
Remember you wear our dancing so we want to make sure you look great!
We also offer Wedding & Anniversary Packages, Adult Birthday Parties & Team Building Events & MORE!

Private Lessons

We know you are busy adults, so our private lessons are scheduled one at a time and at your convenience. In those lessons you will work directly with a certified instructor to learn, feel, and understand the best way to make you a good dancer. What makes partnership dancing so unique is the way you connect with the person you are dancing with. You become a team...

Group Classes

Our classes are a fun way to learn new moves, meet new people, and give your body a chance to practice your skills with a teacher available. Also learning to dance with any level of dancer is helped by dancing with different people to discover your best lead or follow.


Parties are the best way for our students to let loose and practice the moves you have learned in a safe fun environment. All of our teachers are there to dance and enjoy the evening with you. Kick back and enjoy our Live Band or DJ and open bar.

Wedding & Anniversary Packages

Make your First Dance or your Special Day something to remember!

For The Couple

Our instructors will choreograph and personalize your first dance to your special song and our simple and proven 3-way system will make your experience fun & easy. What an amazing memory to create and it is a gift that lasts a lifetime? Couple's that learn to dance together can create not just a first moment but memories for years to come as you dance through life together. Holidays, like Valentine's Day, are extra special when you can do something special together. Nothing is sweeter than watching a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary dancing to their favorite song.

For the Reception

Social lessons for your wedding party and parents of the couple
Choreographed dances for the bridal party or groomsmen
On site classes for your guests (This is a great way to entertain your guests while your are taking pictures)
Professional performances available to entertain your guests

Adult Birthday Parties & Team Building Events

Looking for something new and different to celebrate a special occasion? Wanting to shake things up around the office? Learning to dance together with a class and a fun dance party is your solution. Events include time to mingle, a 50 minute newcomer class, a fun dance party to practice all of your moves and a complimentary free lesson voucher for your guests. Food and decor available upon request.