April 13, 2016

Why Ballroom? It’s the Best Hobby!

Welcome to our series on why ballroom dance!! We are so excited to share all the reasons ballroom dancing is the Best activity out there. Follow along to hear many of the many benefits and all the excitement of ballroom and feel free to share your own stories!! We would love to hear them. Why Ballroom Dance?… One of the best reasons to ballroom dance is because of the wonderful hobby it provides. Let me explain… A good hobby is […]
April 4, 2016

Hello world!

Welcome to our New Ballroom Dance Blog!! We at NDC (National Dance Clubs) live and breathe ballroom dance. It is our life, passion, medicine, joy, and gift to give. We hope you enjoy sharing and exploring all that Ballroom has to offer here with us as we Experience Ballroom together!!! Visit us at National Dance Clubs Murfreesboro for more information.   Visit us on Facebook. Happy Dancing!