August 2, 2017

Student Comment of the Week; Meet Riley Wingate

“We are truly enjoying this….thanks, Riley!! I know we, like dancing, can be challenging…..? ….but, we are feeling much more comfortable with everything, thanks to you!!” M.+H. C.    
July 12, 2017

Get to know the coaches of NDC; Gary Pierce

A former U. S. Ballroom Champion, Mr. Pierce co-founded and performed with the American Ballroom Theatre Company, New York City. For over ten years he served as resident choreographer for the company. He has performed all over the world and as a guest artist in festivals and special arts events for television and stage. Televison Directing and Choreographing 2004 – Legends of Dance Awards, “A Tribute to June Allyson” , Director, Choreographer -Palm Beach 2000 – World Dance (International Competitive […]
July 5, 2017

Student Comment of the Week; Meet Vincent Ballard

“Great lesson. I feel comfortable with the 3/8 turn in waltz and think I am going to really like the hustle. Thank you for your counseling and guidance.? You are the best!”  – J.C.  
June 29, 2017

Student Comment of the Week; Meet Riley Wingate

“Riley was so detailed, so informative and most of all, so encouraging. Confidence Builder? He sure is!” – K. + K.V.
June 10, 2017

Student Comment of the Week; Meet Tania Perez

“Tania is very patient; she waits until you get it. She reminds us that we can do this! ? . Thanks for a great lesson. Remember, great teachers make great things happen!!”  -E.+K.O.       *photo credits to Donna Duda and Caroline Rutland-Brown
June 1, 2017

Student Comment of the Week; Meet Stefani Cinto

“So spectacularly awesome. Stefani is the best. Love how patient she is with her instructions and her corrections. Love her!!!” -KC         *photo credits to Stephen Marino and Donna Duda
May 12, 2017

Student Comment of the Week; Meet Jordan Key

“It’s so good to feel comfortable with the waltz boxes. I’m finally connected with it because I have the most excellent teacher! Jordan is awesome and full of energy. Dancing has become “Me” time, because of my teacher!” We would also like to give a HUGE shout out to Jordan, who can be seen wearing the Movado watch he earned as the Brentwood winner of the Dancecation festival!   **Photo Credit to MaryRose Pardales
April 25, 2017

Student Comment of the Week: Meet Riley Wingate

“What a fun lesson and what a work out! The muscle memory is starting to take hold! Riley makes us so comfortable and is very engaging and patient; he’s stuck with us for another year! We graduated to Bronze!!” -B+K T.     **Photo credits to Donna Duda and Caroline Rutland
March 29, 2017

Meet Megan Fowler and Student Comment of the Week

“We love it! Had so much fun because of Megan. She is very sweet, such a talented teacher and dancer and her positive energy is infectious.” -CH