How Ballroom Dance Can Help You Become More You

How can dance help you? Dance is the best way to restore youth. It helps us feel better about ourselves and the people around us. Dance is simply the best exercise for our whole self, not just our body. Not only does it provide a way to improve how we feel physically, Dance can increase our emotional, intellectual, and social well-being.

Dance is a Great Workout

Many dancers get started because they want to see the physical benefits. Our favorite recreation is one of the best overall forms of low impact/high aerobic workouts available. Dancing can raise the heart rate to the equivalent of any strength training or aerobic program. Dancing in a lesson or at a party will build not only your heart’s strength, but its endurance, too. Intermediate to advanced levels of technique provides the perfect blend of isometric and isotonic resistance, the two key ingredients to muscle building and toning, which is perfect for building beautiful tone in the muscles without building a lot of muscle mass.

Dance is Can Restore Your Body’s Youth

We begin losing our ankle movement in our twenties, and our other joints can begin to stiffen if not used regularly, and can make us feel older than our age. According to the American Journal of Medicine, the best way to avoid arthritis and to remedy current joint discomfort is to continue to use the joints in a controlled manner. The waltz, with its slow rise and fall, demonstrates this beautifully. In addition, improved posture places the puts all your organs in alignment, which is now thought by many medical professionals to fight sickness, disease, fatigue and more. Both the movement and the posture of ballroom increase respiration, and the increased oxygen helps your heart work easier. You look better and feel better with good posture.

Dance Improves Your Mental Health

And while our body seems to take the brunt of the inactivity and bad habits that develop over time, the effects on our mind and spirit can be even more detrimental. Frequent ballroom dancing also makes you smarter. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine reported that partner dancing could reduce the risk of dementia by 76%…more than even doing crossword puzzles at least four days a week. Dancing with a partner requires “split-second, rapid-fire decision-making” and integrates several brain functions at once, keeping your mind, as well as your body, young.

The human spirit requires nourishment just our body does. Connection and human touch is food for the soul. Partner dance offers a non-threatening way to make contact with our fellow humans in our increasingly isolated lives without the need for intimacy. Ballroom is the best integrated activity for your body, mind, and spirit.

Come dance with us.