Dance Against Depression

October is Depression & Anxiety Awareness Month

The original language, before speech, before connection is movement. Dance has been proven as an effective way to heal from many things including depression and anxiety and can be used in the assessment as well as the healing of mental and physical ailments. Now more than ever, people are suffering with mental health.

In our current climate of isolation, depression and anxiety, people are silently struggling and suicide is on the rise. As a community, it is our responsibility to help those in need, to reach out, and to find a way to connect. Dance therapy, as described by the  American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) is the psychotherapeutic use of movement to promote emotional, social, cognitive, and physical integration of the individual, for the purpose of improving health and well-being. Knowledge is power and support is everything.

Join us as we stand together against Depression & Anxiety

In support of October’s Depression & Anxiety Screening Awareness

 National Dance Clubs is offering

Free Dance Movement classes on Thursdays at 7pm throughout October as well as Depression & Anxiety information.

Effects of Covid on Mental Health

Covid has had a serious effect on mental health. People are starting to feel the need for fitness, stress relief, healing, and connection to bring back a sense of balance. In our current circumstances, we all need relief from the feeling of being cooped up, stress of the unknown, lack of exercise, lack of social connection, and the emotional strain of isolation. What most people do not know is that you can find the solution to all of these issues through one activity. Dance provides all of that and more, and can still be done safely and responsibly.

There are many benefits to social dancing including:

* Fitness & Weight Loss

Dancing is a fun way to burn calories, stay fit, and lose weight. Many students have lost upwards of 60lbs with regular dancing and it tones the body in a lean and graceful way. Swing dancing alone can burn 300-550 calories per hour and it’s so much fun that you want to do it.

* Healing

Many health care professionals and cultures believe that creative activities provide healing qualities that bring about emotional peace and happiness. The ability to think less and use part of our natural creative nature is said to give a feeling of wholeness.

* Connection

As humans we all have social needs and the desire to be accepted. Touch alone has been proven to cause infants to thrive and mature people to survive. The feeling of being happy together in a group, even 6 ft apart, combats loneliness and depression. The joy of moving to music with someone else gives a feeling of euphoria like riding a thrill ride at an amusement park.

* Stress relief

Dancing can be a stress reliever in many ways. Music and movement therapy has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression and helps with feelings of isolation.

The best part of learning to dance is that anyone can learn without any prior experience. At NDC, we teach with a simple proven method that will make you comfortable and confident. The dances teach you rhythm, balance, and grace and we can even cure two left feet.

We host a beginners class every Thursday at 7:00pm to cover the basics in some of the most popular dances. Immediately following we will play some music and give you an opportunity to practice what you learned. Private and virtual lessons are available to fit busy schedules and those with health concerns. Masks are worn, sanitation stations are provided, and our large dance floors provide plenty of room to social distance.

Let us show you how fun and easy dancing can be! Take your first step and call us today….

Reservations are required so please call (615) 994-1800 or Contact Us

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